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    Vet's Botanicals™ mission has always been developing top-quality, pharmacist-formulated, veterinarian-recommended, CBD products for animals, both small and large.


    Founded on the principle of a “systemic-approach” to address your pets’ ECS system. Treating from the inside out is our philosophy and understanding “exactly” what’s entering your pets' system is of paramount importance. All Vet's Botanicals™ products are 3rd party tested by an independent, molecular testing laboratory to ensure quality, potency, and safety.


    Our CBD is isolated and extracted from industrial hemp sourced through Americas largest, USDA-approved, pharmaceutical-grade CBD manufacturer. Vet's Botanicals™ CO2 extraction method which utilizes a clean, super-critical CO2 method, coupled with all-natural, organic ingredients allow us to provide best-in-class CBD products for your pets.

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  • What makes Vet's Botanicals Different?

    Organic & natural

    Our hemp derived CBD is organically grown and processed in Colorado. Food grade, steam distilled botanical terpenes.

    Just for pets

    From the beginning, our pet-specific products have been created solely for your furry family members.

    Pet wellness is our foucus

    Developed to activate and maintain your pet's endocannabinoid system (ECS) and promote overall wellness. Vet's Botanicals enhances the effects of the ECS and work in synergy with cannabidiol.

    Studies prove the effectiveness

    Studies prove the effectiveness of Cannabidiol in combatting conditions such as Cognitive Function, Inflammation, Skin Disorders, Pain, Anxiety/Separation, Improved Mobility, Anti-Cancer, Bone & Joint Support, and Seizures.


  • I recommend Vet’s Botanicals CBD products for the following reasons

    -Dan Kirby, DVM

    Dr. Kirby earned his BS in Bio-Medical Science in 1979 fromTexas A&M University and graduated Cum Laude with his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1984.

    Vet’s Botanicals CBD products allow us to achieve consistent successful clinical results.

    “As a veterinarian, I am very conscious of the quality of products that I recommend
    for the animals that I treat. I do my research on the product, the process, and the company prior to bringing anything into stock.”


    Vet's Botanicals products are produced from a pure CBD isolate that has been infused with specific terpenes that activate the animal's endocannabinoid receptors. This achieves balance in the body and reduces inflammation.


    • Their products are formulated by a compounding pharmacist with over 30 years experience.
    • Vet’s Botanicals products are tested by a third party laboratory to ensure potency and that they are in compliance with the law, containing no more than .03 %THC.
    • The compounding pharmacist makes himself available for consultation at no additional cost.
    • Prompt delivery of product, made in the Great State of Texas!
    • Last, but not least. I have seen amazing results with their products where others have failed.

    Dr. Kirby earned his BS in Bio-Medical Science in 1979 fromTexas A&M University and graduated Cum Laude with his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1984. He has been a practicing veterinarian for 34 years and has been the owner and director of Alamo Heights Pet Clinic for 21 years. He has expanded and remodeled the clinic and has finished it with the latest in veterinary technology.


    Dr. Kirby’s veterinary interests are surgery, ultrasonography, rehabilitation therapy and a holistic approach to medicine. Dr. Kirby is married and has 3 children. He hosts a radio show every Sunday morning on KTSA 550AM from 11 am-Noon, www.ktsa.com. Dr. Kirby spends his free time attending his children’s baseball and basketball games, hiking, fishing and playing basketball. The Kirby’s have 5 dogs and 2 cats.


  • X-Large Pets Horses

    (1-2000 MG Cannabidiol)

    Evidence suggests that many horses on high grain diets, with joint problems, dull coats or allergic skin conditions, are likely to benefit from a supplement of optimally balanced CBD with blended Terpenes. If you would like to give your horse a superfood that can ease joint pain and inflammation, improve appetite, reduce anxiety, support cardiovascular health, reduce the risk of seizures, reduce muscle glycogen depletion and fatigue, improve the condition of his skin, coat, hooves, and tail, and act as a digestive aid – then look no further than Our Equine CBD.

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